Demand for data communications and computer networks in US

In the US, very many internet users need these services being offered. Many clients employ the IT services in their learning, communication and for entertainment. The Computer networks and data communications services are therefore integral part of the US society and since this firm offers best services in the industry, it is probable to be at a competitive edge.

 Risk Factors, Including Competitors,

In the US and other parts of the globe, so many firms are offering the IT technology services and competition is so high. So many firms invest many of their resources in Research and Develop in order to remain at a competitive edge. To reduce this kind of risk, this firms needs to invest in many resources in market research. This enables the business to offer the best services in the US and global market. The Mantas website that was lastly updated on December 28th 2010 reveals that there were, 80,943 Information Technology Companies in the U.S.  (Mantas 2010).

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