Sample Essay

The container terminals that are used in the maritime industry are located near or in the shipping ports. They can be part of a larger diverse service offering container terminal or be independently operating and located at the shipping port as an additional service provided by the shipping port authority. The shipping port container terminals are structured in such a manner to be near the deep water while still providing land access to the port. This is in order to enable trains, as well as trucks to access the terminal and provide the cargo for the ship, or transport the bought in cargo of the ship in the form of containers to the various inland destinations. The container terminals are equipped with cranes which facilitate the lifting and loading, unloading of the cargo of the ship.

The factors that can influence the environment for the shipping port container terminals take the form of the infrastructure that is available to the container terminal. This includes the roads linking the terminal to the inland depots and region, the rail tracks that provide the region with railway access, the inland waterways which allow the ships to come into the terminal as well as the airway and airport infrastructure which allows the air cargo planes to come in and provide or take cargo form the container terminals. Other infrastructure related factors that effect the container terminal includes the availability of the telecommunication network at the container terminal.

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