Sample Essay

The purchase decision process has been divided into five stages which are need recognition & Problem Awareness; Information Search; Evaluation of Alternatives; Purchase; Post-Purchase Evaluation. Customer purchase starts from the first stage (need recognition & problem awareness). Customers perceive that there are differences between their actual situations and person’s ideal, and then they may have needs. Some needs are caused by the internal needs of the person. For example, there is a person feel hungry or thirsty, they may need food or water. Some needs are caused by the external reasons. For example, the advertising or friend’s recommendation may because of you want to have a clothes or skincare. However, some customers, especially online shoppers, they may just browsing some shopping website and suddenly aware that he may need that. For example, a woman browsing clothing website and she found a very beautiful cloth, she may have desire of having it.

After the customers recognize what they need, they may start to do the information search. However, If the customer have strongly desire of purchase the products or the products is very easy to get, they may just buy it without information search, otherwise, customers may start to do the information search. For example, if you want to buy a television, you will search the advertisement of television, friend’s TV, people’s talking about TV, etc, or maybe you will start to find out more information from internet or contact friend to get some advice for your information search. The stronger desire you have you will try to get the more information. Customers can get information from many ways such as family, friends, advertisement, retailer, package, salesman, etc. Most information from the business source such as advertisement, salesman, etc but the efficiency information which can influence customer making decision is from their personal sources such as family, friends, etc. The information from business source are just for deliver information to customer but the information from personal source can really influence the customer’s purchase decision making process (Kotler et al, 2005).

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