Sample Essay

The company can also use high end technology products to idenitify the contraints and the bottlenecks in its processes so that they can be mitigated against to improve the production capacity for the speicifc processes. Aside from this the company also will have effectiveness in terms of the delivery of the products to the customers in due time to satisfy the excess demand. However a degree of flexibility in the production process in the new production capacity needs to be maintained as the company will need to adjust its production process and the resultant capacity according to the demand for the product in the market.

The Clif Bar Inc Corporation is strongly oriented towrds protecting the environment and increasing awareness amongst customers about sustainable living and environement conservation. The company has incoportated these objectives in its production strategy as well where by the company is fousing on managing its waste products, by recyling them, and reusing them in the production process. An example of this is the packaging that they use for their products which is made from recylced paper and non toxic materials.

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