Sample Essay

Let us now talk about the artwork Circus by Antonio Donghi. The painting is done oil on canvas and is an illustration of a clown and his master. The clown is ready for work as soon as his master strikes his whip. The visual has been done such that it shows the position of each of the two people. The master does indeed look like one with his suit and boots and the attitude he is displaying. The clown himself seems like a servant, waiting to be ordered upon. He has a sad smile plastered on his face. The painting is probably just a reflection of the artist regarding the status of people in society and how they are treated and regarded.

Mondrian believes that art is a result of tragedy in life thus relating it to expression. Circus can be related here as it might have been something that the painter had experienced in his life, or might have seen someone or known someone experiencing it. Thus he put this tragedy of being a slave down in his painting. Breton feels that it is the unconscious of our mind that leads to the production of art. It is the weird dreams and thoughts that we have and which can be reproduce in the form of artwork. Both he and Soupalt founded this kind of art and they named it Surrealism. It is seen that Mondrian and Breton have a theory behind art which they can apply to the different works. Tzara, on the other hand, has a different thinking and his concept is totally dissimilar to that of cubists and futurists – he does not accept theories like the other Dadaists.

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