Sample Essay

Essentially fashion exists everywhere, its surrounds the people in their lifestyles, their clothes, their habits, music choice and even their food intake. The most significant contributors to the trends in the fashion industry that has been identified include the demographics and the social and cultural elements. Due the dynamic and variable nature of these influencers, the fashion as an industry keeps on rapidly changing and evolving over the period of time.

“The marketing of fashion goods is not an isolated process. Socio economic trends prevail and need to be interpreted. Social, political, environmental, technological and even legal events are interrelated to the fashions of a country and shape what will be bought and sold in both an overt subliminal manner” (Hines & Bruce, 2007, p200). Therefore it is essential that fashion marketer timely identify and comprehend the emotions and the orientation of the customers to incorporate the changes proactively in their new line of fashion products and services which are then marketed with a customized fashion marketing strategy.

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