Sample Essay


This paper answers to Resolution 421, taken up at the 2006 Annual Meeting, which (1) inquires their American Medical Association (AMA) Council on Science and Public Health to work in conjunction with all befitting specialty societies to arrange а paper reconsidering and summarizing the study facts and numbers on the emotional and behavioral consequences (Fowles 2009), encompassing addiction promise, of video games; and directs their AMA to evolve recommendations for physicians, parents, and legislators founded on the outcome of this paper.


For this study we have evolved the following hypotheses:

  1. Watching television is an addiction
  2. TV, newspapers sport, and computers run peoples life
  3. Watching television is not an addiction
  4. TV, newspapers sport, and computers do not run peoples life

Literature Review

Although much less study has been finished on video sport and computer use, the identical values often apply (Potter 2006). The sport offer get away and distraction; players rapidly discover that they seem better when playing; and so а kind of reinforcement loop develops. The conspicuous distinction from TV, although, is the interactivity. Many video and computer sport minutely boost in adversity along with the expanding proficiency of the player (Barker 2008). One can seek for months to find another tennis or chess contestant of comparable proficiency, but programmed sport can directly supply а near-perfect agree of dispute to skill.

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