Sample Essay

This takes away the futility and addictiveness of random conversation but allows old activities to be viewed constantly so friends can know what they have missed and get together. Furthermore, it provides a greater business use, allowing for a good divide between work and real life. Gurgle is a similar service but with one specific group in mind. It provides an avenue for pregnant females and mothers as well as couples to come together and talk about the issues involved with giving birth and parenting. This is a good use since it involves discussion of problems and advantage of being able to talk regarding a subject which most may not be willing to discuss.

It truly brings together people who “share a common interest” as is the stated claim of most networking circles. Most services however allow indiscriminate access to the service and random chatting which actually harms the social skills of a person and the impetus to socialize in real life. It may also lead to getting to know such similar minded people and actual real interaction in the outside world as such people may share common concerns, which creates a psychological link, thereby aiding understanding.

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