Sample Essay

Internet based business to business operations require a highly integrated platform specially for handling supply chain management and procurement facilities in the true electronic format. However the main advantage that is presented by e-commerce based B2B is that the supply chain can be integrated and managed in the real time. Previously the only system that could perform such operations was the JIT, Just in Time method as dictated by Japanese entrepreneurs.

However now it is possible for businesses to further facilitate product and service provision by sharing a electronic platform based supply chain which can be updates and managed in the real time. This allows businesses to interact and set orders for the required products and services as and when required. Moreover the businesses are also able to reduce costs associated with inventory, handling and maintain costs of the inventory.

Moreover the trend has also been seen that the bigger the businesses are the more they don’t want to interact with each other. As a result most of the businesses to business trade is shifting onto the impersonal medium for sales pertaining to electronic trading. This is made more simple and manageable by enforcing a formal electronic supply chain functionality which allows the various business to come together and interact for mutual profitability and conducting sale based transactions for products and services.

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