Sample Essay

In order to establish an effective supply chain process for the Valkyrie Lighting Corporation for its global operations the company will need to remodel its current supply chain.

The different entities that would be interacting amongst each other for the supply china process for Valkyrie Lighting Corporation would include, the suppliers of the company including the Sunshine Corporation, the Denver based as well as the regional assembly plants of the company, and the distribution network of the company which could include the contractors and the sales agents. As target market for the company is global in nature, and the nature of its operations is also global, the company would be requiring a technology and communication system based core system. “Recent developments in e-commerce have contributed to Internet-based solutions to this problem. Applying e-commerce solutions to the supply chain can increase the efficiency of coordination and resource integration among partners. Because the effectiveness of e-commerce systems depends on whether the problems that disrupt supply-chain integration can be overcome, diagnosing supply-chain problems is important in deploying e-commerce solutions.” (Chin-Fu Ho et al, 2005) This technology would be based on the internet which can be accessed by the supply chain entities of the Valkyrie Lighting Corporation and can be used for determining the status of the different orders placed by the customers.

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