Sample Essay

The author of both these epic poems is said to be Homer, the “blind poet”. Little is known of this creator of these two epic poems but what is believed to be generally accepted is that he was a Greek who used to construct hymns and thus conjured up these two masterful pieces to be sung and orally transferred on (Graziosi 2002, 126). Some scholars believe that the two epic poems themselves were not only written by one person but were actually passed on by an oral tradition down a line of many authors who added and subtracted from it and thus it resulted in the current form of the poems we have today.

This has been supported to some extent by an analysis of the structure and use of words in the Iliad and Odyssey which illustrates that the works may contain many formulaic phrases which are largely seen in extempore epic traditions. Sometimes whole verses are seen to be repeated. However, it is believed that Homer may have been one person who compiled the hymns that first formed the works (Graziosi 2002, 126).

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