Sample Essay

Did you notice that your mother has grown old and needs more of your attention? Are you giving her time or helping her. Old age is a fact and it would come on each one of us. Once a person crosses the age of sixty, he is counted as a senior citizen. This means that he is physically weak and needs help for day to day tasks.  When our parents grow old, we do not give them time or pay attention to their needs. This is a very ruthless approach.

To get a better understanding, you should remember the time when you were a kid and your parents taught you to walk.  When parents grow old, they need your support as they are weak. You need to remember their meals, time for evening walk and exercise routines. If you are taking good care of your parents, you are doing your job as a responsible child. Now, let’s analyze the perspective of social work in this relation.

You need to help the old people who are living their lives at old age homes. If their children have forgotten them, you can make them feel that someone is there to take care of them. How can you reach these people? Searching online is the best way to find old age homes.  Once you have selected an old age home, offer your services as a volunteer. You would not have to make a lot of effort. All you need to do is make some small monetary contributions if you can. Apart from that, take some time out in the evening or weekends and spend some time with these people.

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