Narrative Essay: My Idea Of Social Work

By social work is meant the work by which we can help poor and needy people of the society. Not all people living in a society are rich or self-sufficient. There are a number of people, in every nation, who are in a constant search of help regarding acquisition of food, education, rights, healthcare service, etc. I believe that man is a social animal; therefore, he must not leave anyone alone in his or her time of sufferings.

Human beings are supposed to live together in an organized community. Therefore, the society is just like a body which bare different people of different classes in her lap. These people are apparently different, but organically joined together. If one part of a body is diseased, the other parts cannot remain unaffected. Likewise, one person’s suffering directly or indirectly affects the lives of everyone else in a particular community. For example, when unemployment escalates in a society, any person in need of money will involve in some criminal activity to acquire his material goal. His criminal action will not only affect the lives of his victims, it will also affect the whole system of the society. One crime can trigger more crimes and one criminal can persuade other criminals to commit more crimes that are unethical. In the same way, when cholera breaks out in a quarter of the society, it would be foolish on our part to shut our eyes against it. Hence, arises the need of social work.

There are innumerable ailments from which a society suffers. The first and foremost social work, in my opinion, consists in driving away the illiteracy from the society by making education accessible to both rich and poor. Moreover, the awareness must be spread regarding importance of cleanliness. People must start campaigns to take anti-epidemic measures in their areas so that they may be free from the diseases which erupt due to polluted air and contaminated water.

During floods, the social workers may play their part in providing necessary products to the victims. Necessary help should be given to those who are in difficulty and distress. Further steps could be taken for their inoculation to check cholera and typhoid that usually break out after such natural disasters.

The social workers should make all possible efforts to root out begging from the society. Suitable jobs must be offered to them to annihilate the unemployment from the society, and dissuade beggars to beg.