Sample Essay

The passage of centuries and the evolution of warfare saw the amassing of even more military writings. These writings provided the original motivation and conceptualizations, and with time the further text that was developed extended and polished these ideas and strategies, thus allowing for more of a probability of being the victor in a war. These writings were considered to be so very important that an unknown military thinker pondered over them and the battlefield experience, after which he recognized the different fundamental principles and the ideas and elements utilized in a war, and then matched their application to the past battles.

One of such writers was Sun Tzu who is considered to be among the most important of the war philosophers. Through his book, Art of War, Tzu put forward the experiences and skills he had in warfare matters. His principles were thought to be very effective. It is also revered due to the fact that the majority of such ancient texts have been lost or destroyed while this book has survived and remains to be an extremely useful till date since it provides a complete philosophy for us to be able to manage conflicts and accomplish victories.

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