Sample Essay

At Microsoft there have been formulated comprehensive plans for the promotion and integration of diversity and inclusion. Chapman is responsible for formalizing the efforts that the company puts into regarding diversity, and to get on with an all-inclusive, cooperative international tactic that would concentrate upon the needs and issues of the minorities and women.

Microsoft indulges into supplier diversity as well and they have spent more than US$1 billion just for the sake of working with diverse suppliers, such as business people who are women or belong to the minority group (Supplier Diversity, 2010).

Recommendations for Diversity Related Activities

Other than the practices that are conducted within Microsoft for the promotion of diversity, there are further steps that may be taken as well. For instance, the company can assess and evaluate their diversity process and take this to be a majorly significant element contained within their management system. Such an assessment may be taken using an employee satisfaction survey. The management team would be able to come to a conclusion regarding the challenges and hindrances present within their company and thus would decide the appropriate measures that should be taken for overcoming them.

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