Students think that taking courses online is easier than that at the campus. They perceive that taking online courses would not require assignments or any kind of written material for the academics. However, the reality is far different. Online universities follow the same standards of education which are followed in the campuses because the objective is to provide education to students in the areas where reputed academic institutes are not available or unapproachable.

With the vast contribution of technology, a large number of students are registered in online universities around the globe like University of Phoenix, Ashford University, Liberty University and many others. The virtual universities offer different degree and certificate programs recognized by the higher education authorities of the native country. Therefore, the pattern of education is kept the same as that in the campuses.

Students of virtual/online universities go through a hard time when they are given assignments to write. As everything is done through the internet, there is no or less support of peers to do the assignment writing on the given topics in a correct way. Moreover, the lectures and books may not seem sufficient to help out in assignment writing as required by the instructor. This is why assignment writing for online university students is found less than that in the campuses.

Usually, it becomes a challenging task for the students of virtual universities to do more than one assignments of different courses simultaneously. Moreover, the knowledge about how to cite in the academic paper and the techniques to avoid plagiarism in the paper is very less, as a result of which the academic papers get rejected by the teachers and students have to write them again. The burden of assignments becomes a frustration eventually.

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