Sample Essay

Do you know that more than fifty percent of alcohol drinkers are college and university students? Why do they adopt the habit of drinking?  Peer pressure is a very obvious reason. Initially, you may not like the taste of alcohol due to the bitter taste. However, you may gulp down a couple of drinks if your friend forces you to do so. Some students also drink because they think that it completes their personality.

When you enter college or university, you get complete freedom for the first time. In addition to that, your parents stop monitoring you and treat you as an individual. This is when you start trying things which were prohibited in the initial ages.  Your parents would never allow you to drink when you are a school student. Thus, this is the first thing which is an individual wants to experience when he enters college is drinking. Hence, they start going to clubs with their friends.

When a student goes to college or university, he has to socialize a lot. This involves going to parties and casual get together gatherings. There is no problem with occasional drinking. The problem starts when it becomes a habit. The most important thing for any university student is acquiring a degree. Regular consumption of alcohol creates a big hindrance in the accomplishment of this task.

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