When you are writing your essays or term papers using correct grammar is one of the most important things. Other things like a well researched material and being able to convey your message is also very important but without using correct grammar all your hard work can go in vain. The most important thing to write high quality essays is to know how to write them using a good sentence structure, correct spellings and using the tenses appropriately to make the essay flow. There must not be any sentences or tenses that may confuse the readers. The purpose of this article is to provide you some useful tips as to how you can use correct grammar to write high quality essays and get good grades.

Using Active Voice

Using active voice in your essays is very important as it shows your readers that an action is being taken. Whereas passive voice should be avoided because it slows down the writing process showing that the subject matter is receiving the action. Although, passive voice is not incorrect to use but active voice is more appropriate for writing essays. There are instances in essay writing process where passive is necessary to use and should be used when important.

The Use of Tenses

Your entire essay should revolve around using a one single tense according to the situation in the essay. If you have started writing in the past tense right from the beginning than you should stick to it throughout your essay. Your essay must not be a mixture of present and past tenses as it can confuse your readers. Therefore, stick to one single tense to make your essay more coherent.

 Spelling and Structure

Use correct spellings and structure in your essays. If you do not do so it shows negligence and can cost you the grade. If you come across a word you are not really familiar with use a dictionary. Check spelling of that word before using it in your essay. Use correct structure in your essay. Make it precise and direct with anything that is irrelevant.

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