The proposed research seeks to justify whether the investment of the time and effort as well as monetary funds by the parents to send their children to the preschool programs actually does enable the children to attain skills and knowledge that help them perform better ion the elementary school as opposed to those who do not attend preschool. The study can help strengthen the position of the preschool programs and their importance if the investment of the parents in preschools can be proved as beneficial for the children. This will help increase and strengthen the position of the preschool programs while depict through evidence how undertaking preschool education through formal programs can help improve the performance of the students at the elementary level.

The following are the research questions for the proposed study:

  1. Identify the relationship between intellectual performance and preschool programs
  2. Determine whether the preschool programs increase the performance level of the students in the elementary school
  3. Identify any differences that exist between the performance and the intellectual capability of the students in elementary school who have taken preschool programs, as opposed to those who have not received any preschool education through formal programs.
  4. Determine the transitional ease that is faced by the students who attend preschool and compare it with the transitional ease faced by those who did not attend preschool to determine to compare their transitional comfort levels.

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