The research methodology that would be used to for the purpose of this study is that based on literature review and secondary sources of information. The information available on the sales promotions employed by Tesco, its brand promotion strategy, the consumer purchase behavior relevant to Tesco as well as the specific sales promotion campaigns used by the company to target the housewives in the city ofBeijingwould be used as main resources for this study. Moreover the sales revenue reports for the company would be used to determine the effectiveness of the sales promotion strategies. Comprehensively a historical analysis based research methodology would be applied for the purpose of this project.

The sources that would be used for gathering secondary data for this research study include peer reviewed academic journals like journal of marketing, journal of international marketing, journal of consumer behavior. Industry and market reports the likes of data monitor reports would also be used as sources of data. The newspaper articles would be used for gathering data on the current marketing and sales promotion campaigns launched by the company inChina, while the company website for Tesco would be used to observe the media based marketing campaigns targeting the Chinese consumers inAsia. The reliability of the information used for this study would be ensured by gathering information form peer reviewed academic journals, recognized market reports as well as authorized information provided by the Tesco company.

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