Sample Paper

The following paper discusses the case of the Orbital Engine Corporation in terms of its launch of the two stroke engine technology which was revolutionary due to its low emission of pollutants, less noise, the better performance as well as the less complicated working of the machine. The paper highlights the marketing decision of the company which was significantly important and strategic for the adoption of the technology in the automobile industry. These pertained to the third party validation conducted by the company of their technology and the research undertaken by the company on their target market.

The failure of the technology adoption in the automobile market however was imminent due to the lack of credibility of the Australian innovations and the region of original the company. This helps us establish that aside from the apparent advantages of the product it is also important for the company to have a credible image as well as a well established and supported background on which the new technology and products can be trusted by the clients and the target market. This is especially true for pioneering companies with new technology.

The following paper provides information on the Orbital Engine Corporation and analyzes the marketing decisions and activities that were undertaken by the company in order to establish it in the market. Aside from this the paper also focuses on highlighting the failure of the adoption of the two stroke engine while discussing the reasons behind the failure. The lessons learned form marketing strategies employed by the company are also presented

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