The paper presents a proposal for a research based study conducted for accessing the promotions of the retailer and departmental store Tesco in the China, Particularly in the city of Beijing. The following sections highlight the problem/ thesis statement being targeted, the main aims and purpose of the research, and the research objectives.

The proposal also provides the theoretical perspective which forms the basis of the proposed study and the significance of the research for students and marketers. The type of literature on which the study is going to be based on is depicted along with the brief overview of literature review for the research. The research methodology is explained in terms of selection of the methodology, and the process employed for data collection, processing and analysis.

The thesis of the research to be undertaken is the assessment of the brand promotion of Tesco inBeijingcity, particularly related to the sales promotions strategy and tactics employed by the company to target the house wives segments for its products and services.

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