Sample Essay

Even in small and middle sized companies, a project manager has to handle more than one project at a time. In addition to that, he has to handle multiple resources. Allocating the right resources for the right project is an essential quality for a successful project manager. If you have four resources which can be termed as the best, you should not use all of them for one project. There are a number of reasons for this move. First of all, all the other projects will be under resourced at all times. Even if one project is highly successful, the other may fail at the initial stages. Hence, the organization would suffer a huge loss. Hence resources need to be distributed equally.

Judge the standard of every project. If you are handling multiple projects, you need to create a priority table. How important is a certain project? How long will your resources work on each one of them?   Would any of the resources be released before the required time period? As a project manager, you need to have the answers to all these questions.

The equal distribution of resources is as important as using the right ones. One team works on one project at a time. In addition to that, all the members of the team are not equally talented. Some of them are experienced while the others are amateur. If one team contains all the experienced personnel, there will be a clash of opinions as each member would look to exert his opinion.

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