Sample Essay

The Macs are also easy to use for the end users of the system. The Macs provide an interactive graphic user interface that is specifically made keeping the users’ requirements in mind. As a result the Macs are much easier to navigate and use for users as compared to PCs. Regular updates are available for Macs provided by the company as well as other users which can upgrade the Mac OS X. Aside from this the Macs also feature instant connections to external devices, internet based communication devices, other apple products. The provision of the iChat software along with a web camera allows the users to have access to video based chat at the click on a button.

The Mac also features a unique capability of housing two operating systems at the same time, enabling the user to make use of Mac based OS as well as MS Windows based US on the same machine. This dual operating system is particularly useful for families where multiple people prefer different types of platforms and operating systems. Apple Inc provides the Mac computers on which Mac Os is provided by the company. The company designs hardware which corresponds with the Mac OS and adjusts the software of the Mac OS to the changes in the hardware making both the hardware and software mutually cohesive. The integration of hardware and software provided by Apple in the Macs allows Mac to feature unique capabilities where services like chatting and internet connectivity is instantly available to the user.

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