Sample Essay

While the Mac OS was launched by Apple Inc, the Windows OS was launched by Microsoft Windows in 1985. PC’s are usually associated with Microsoft Windows as they are computers that run on the Windows based operating system. The Windows operating system was also a unique operating system in the market at the time of its launch as it provided the consumers in the market to be able to use a graphical user interface for operating their computers and navigating instead of using the old command line based operating system.

The Windows operating system was launched by Microsoft Windows as an additional product/ service to the currently available MS-DOS, however the new operating system became more popular than MS-DOS amongst the users as it was more user friendly and allowed just about anyone to be able to use the computer with minimum knowledge of computers and programming languages or command line instructions. The Windows operating system also provided a range of application software for video and audio playback, video and audio recording as well as the famous Office Suite known as MS Office. The MS Office suit provided application software for word processing (MS Word), spreadsheets, (MS Excel), data base and file management (MS Access), email management, (MS Outlook), and multimedia based presentations (MS PowerPoint). The other characteristic of the windows OS is that it is not an open source system. This means that the code of the Windows OS is restricted and accessible to only Microsoft Company. As a result it is not possible for the users to make changes to the underlying code of Windows OS in order to make customizations or change any flaws or errors that might be present in order to make the operating system more efficient.

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