Sample Essay

A marketing mix for a product includes the four P’s which relate to the product being offered, the pricing of the product, the positioning of the product as well as the promotions used to market the product and the placement of the product in the market amongst the competitors, i.e. distribution through channels. However the marketing mix for brands of service [products, while overall having the same strategy is somewhat different. The difference comes in the form of 3 additional P’s which are added to the product marketing mix to evolve it into a service product marketing mix.

These three P’s pertain to the process, the physical evidence and the people. The process pertains to the service that is being provided and how it is being managed for the mutual benefit of the customer rand the business. The physical evidence includes the whole service provision from the environment created to the actual service being performed. The people in the marketing mix however are very crucial for service brands as they are the ones who interact the most with the customers, i.e. the sales and relationship marketing staff and tend to create a image of the service while establishing a relationship with the customers. Moreover service brands also require additional marketing in the form of internal marketing to the employs and the staff of the business, external marketing to the customers of the business and the service and interactive marketing which is conducted by the employees to the customers through their interactions with the customers.

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