Sample Essay

The following is the macro environment analysis forSwitzerland:

The political environment inSwitzerlandis very stable and has been so in a number of years. The system in the country is a federal system which is represented in the 1848 constitution. The level of tolerance for diversity, cultural, religious, and language freedom in the country is unrivalled. “According to the World Competitiveness Yearbook 2009,Switzerlandleads all international companions in matters of security, private prosperity, social coherence and political stability” (‘Country Information’, 2009)

The country also enjoys economic stability mostly generated form the high end luxury products that are manufactured inSwitzerlandand then exported to other countries around the world. The Swiss Watch industry provides a significance percentage of revenue that contributes towards this economic stability. The main economic centre inSwitzerlandisZurichwhich is the economic hub if the region.

The social environment forSwitzerlandis very diverse. The country does not have a large population whoever in the recent years the country has started facing issues of aging population with slow growth. This has increased the level of migration of people from other regions of Europe intoSwitzerland. As a result the social environment is culturally, traditionally and ethnically diverse.


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