Sample Essay

The options that are available to the company in terms of their WAN set up are dependent on the link choice for communication with the different operation regions and their respective networks. The first recommended option for the company includes a setup of wireless networks at all the different locations of operations including Chicago and Vancouver. TheNew York and Toronto office can be supported with a cable based LAN as well to increase the processing efficiency of data communication in the different functions of operations in the two specified regions.

The dynamicity of the wireless LANs in the local regions would enable the company to increase the efficiency of data communication while also increase the speed. The inert region communication link however could defer in the two options. In the first recommended option, the company can use a dedicated link of a leased line, whereby, the link between the different LANs can be created. This would be a slightly expensive option as dedicated lease lines between the multiple regions of operation would drive the cost of the Wan set up very high. The advantage of this option however would be the security of communication and the network which would be available to the company.  The high level of security would be mean that the company would have to establish less firewalls and security measures and decrease there expenses in this regard.

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