Sample Essay

The main competitors of the Wal-Mart company in the hyper/super market industry include companies like CarrefourS.A., & Tesco Plc. Carrefour is a French hypermarket that has its established operations in various regions of the international market as well. The company provides food as well non food products to its customers along with fashion, lifestyle electronics and home décor. Tesco Plc is aUKbased chain of supermarket that is termed as one of the largest food retailers in the world. The company also operates business through multiple store formats providing a range of similar products as mentioned above. Currently Wal-Mart is the industry leader with CarrefourS.A., and Tesco Plc following close behind in terms of their market share.

There power of the consumers and buyers in the supermarket/ hypermarket industry is relatively low. This is because of the fact that there exist multiple types of supermarket chains spoiling the customers for choice, they target different segment and niches of the buyers as well catering to their specific needs. The companies operating in the industry have also established strong brands with an establish brand following further weakening the power of the buyers. This all contributes to reducing the buyer power in the supermarket/ hypermarket industry as a whole.

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