Sample Essay

The spider graph is a specific format of organized data depicted in graphical form which follows the principles of the Bell Mason Venture Development Framework. The graph takes provides simplistic visual aid for the assessment of the perform ace of the company in the different stages of the venture development. The state of evolution in each stage is clearly depicted at each stage of development and provides the status of the organizational and VBO objectives.  The fields of the graph include product, business, delivery, marketing, sales, CEO, team, board, cash, financeability, control and technology.

The statement depicts that the people that were hired into the VBO organization were hired for the purpose of forming the VBO structure and developing its own culture and objectives. However when the people were hired, it was expected that some of the people would be staying with the VBO as part of the VBO committee and work towards the management and planning of ventures. The rest of the personnel in VBO committee are expected to launch individual ventures and work on them separate from the VBO

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