Sample Essay

UTC Plc has its own house brands and also sells private labels at its retail stores. The research conducted provided that retailers can establish an image for themselves through careful planning and marketing of the house brands. The private label brands on the other can leverage the image of the stocking retailer and its store image. UTC Plc however has not been utilizing the house brands to establish its image or the private brands to leverage its brand and store image. The company should attempt to re-launch as well as re-brand its apparel, and furnishing brands in a similar manner in which, the company has been re-branding its food and grocery based brands. Emphasizing the premium image and the atmosphere of the store specifically the departments where the company displayed and sells its house brands can greatly influence the brand image and the perceived quality of the house brands. The company can also go into alliance with the popular private label consumer brands to sell them through vendor based shops inside its retail stores. This will help in establishing the brand image and the position of the UTC Plc Nigeria through association.

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