Sample Essay

Is Alcohol a good constituent for the human health?  Does it help you in any manner?  Any normal person would give no as an answer for both these questions. Some alcohol consumers are very well informed and educated about the health problems related to alcohol usage. If they are aware of the damages, why do they drink?   Alcohol is taken as an option to release tensions. Life is never a bed of rose and a person has to combat a lot of tensions in both professional and personal lives. Everyone is not strong enough to handle his issues in a calm manner. Such people rely on alcohol so that they can rub their tensions off their mind.

When a person consumes alcohol, he becomes drowsy and lethargic.  In addition to that, he loses consciousness and does not remember the problems at office. This effect does not last forever and after a night’s sleep, the mind returns to the standard state. It is not easy to concentrate immediately after a hangover as it results in severe headaches, body aches and skin rashes.

Alcohol consumption is highly addictive. Initially, you may drink at a very low rate but the frequency increases. A time comes when it becomes impossible for a person to survive without alcohol.  This is when rehabilitation becomes necessary.

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