Sample Essay

Before justifying the selection of the metaphors the problem and issue that has been highlighted can be revisited. The problem that is faced by the company as highlighted above is the lack of motivation in the organization amongst the staff and the employee and the bureaucratic nature if the management which makes all the decisions at the top level with a restricting organizational culture. The values and the objectives of the day to day tactical decisions as well as the more strategic decisions are all made by the top level management which has increased discontent while decreasing the motivation to excel and work in the organization for the employees at the lower level of the management.

The benefit of using the cultural metaphor is that is best employed when there exist cohesion in the values that are shared in the organization and when these values have the potential to impact the development in the organization (Kuswara). This metaphor has been best used by the Japanese firms however the efficiency and the cultural cohesion can garner positive competitive advantage for the company by establishing a clear new culture through the systems approach that focuses on the development of the entire human resource and highlights their role in the decision making in the company. The point to be noted is that changes to the culture of a company cannot take place overnight and require time to become established in the organization as the mind sets of the people in the organization take conditioning and time to be reformulated.

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