Sample Essay

Modern communication technology is increasingly being used by businesses as it provides them a competitive edge in the market and makes their operations more efficient while reducing the time and cost of communication.  The businesses that are making most of it are entrepreneurships and small-scale businesses. Developing countries likeIndiahave depicted immense growth in their economy due to the usage of modern communication systems of business purposes. “The boom of information and communication technology (ICT) inIndiais a well-known phenomenon with a positive impact on the economy.” (Badnjevic & Padukova, 2007) The tourism industry inIndiahas seen increased activity in the sector due to the use of communication technology by the travel agents, hotels and hospitality businesses as well as the airline companies operating in the region.

The shipping, transport and the distribution/ fleet based industry has also made use of the modern communication technology for their business. The industry has companies making use of PDAs, Cell Phones and other hand held communication devices which are connected with the main systems of the company through wireless networks to increase the efficient and instantaneous flow of data and communication from remote locations. More specifically the companies in the fleet industry make use of the technology to monitor loads, keep track of routes and deliveries, as well as communicating with the customers and the head offices.

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