Sample Essay

The international institutions that are being faced by theUnited Statesin the recent years pertain to other economies like those of China, India, Singapore and those of countries in Latin America. These countries have large levels of population, which combined with the developing nature of the economy and the increased economic activity are showing increasing levels of GDP growth.

These international institutions are therefore stabilizing their external balance and balance of payments positions which can be seen from their developing positive exchange rate. Moreover other countries are also observing growth and developmental opportunities in these economies and therefore are investing in operations in the above mentioned countries to support their own economic activity. The United States can develop international relations with these economies too enable an exchange and flow of ideas, trade, business and human resource that can support the local economic activity and growth of the United States by bringing new businesses, products and services as well as revenue from exports into the region.

TheUnited Statescan improve its current economic status by attaining a positive position for its internal and external balances. Strategies and policies that impact the balance of payments position for the country can be employed which can take the form of expenditure switching policies, the expenditure changing policies and direct controls. These policies are highlighted in terms of how they can improve reduce domestic expenditure while also increasing the exports of theUSand increasing the revenue and economic inflow from the imports of the country.

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