Sample Essay

Urban city is a discipline pertaining to the planning and the usage of land and real estate. The concept deals with building an infrastructure based as well as a social environment for development through the use of municipalities. The scope of the projects here are usually large in size. The different roles of the city planners pertain to sustaining the development in the region while making the location be a safe one. Aside from that other roles of the planners pertain to making way for urban renewal as well as the regeneration of the inner cities which might be suffering form urban decay. Sociologists can contribute to urban planning by proving analysis and information on the changing demographics and lifestyle of the people in the region whereby enabling the planners to develop a more specific solution for the infrastructure.


The garden city movement was initiated inEnglandaround 1898 which pertained to planning and establishing planned and self contained cities which were surrounded by belts of green. The main purpose of this movement was to develop a state which was economically friendly, hosted specific green belts and provided balanced areas for residences, industry as well as agriculture. The garden city in NYC is an example of the garden city movement.

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