Sample Essay

The J C Penney Corporation operates the J C Penney retail stores and departmental stores having 1,033 branches in theUnited States(‘J.C Penny Corporation Inc. – Official Company Website’). The company has two main operations, one for the retail stores and one of direct retail. The retail stores of the company provide the consumers with consumer productions, durables, jewellery, shoes, home appliances and furniture, kitchen appliances, electrical as well as leisure and sporting/ recreational goods. The company has its own private labels and also provide the products of the national brands that include Nicole, Solitude andStaffordamongst others. The direct retail operations of the company pertain to the retail through the catalogues and the website. 

The Kohl’s Corporation is a company that operations departmental stores that are family oriented and target the family based population of theUnited States. This company also is based in theUnited Statesand operates through 824 stores (‘Kohl’s Corporation – Official Company Website’).The Company has its operations divided in three formats pertaining to suburban, small and urban categories. The Kohl’s Corporation also provides its customers with the full range of merchandise goods and products that are sold by the other departmental stores as well as national brands like Carter’s, Dockers, Kitchen Aid, Reebok and Vanity Fair. The company also has private brands like Croft & Borrow, Urban Pipeline and Candie’s that are sold exclusively through the Kohl’s departmental stores. The Kohl’s corporation however has limited number of product lines and categories compared with the traditional full line departmental stores in US.

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