Sample Essay

Twenge highlighted in the third chapter that her generation was brought up to be independent, to make their own decisions and take responsibility for their actions from an early age. This characteristic is shared by the iGeneration as well and is depicted in the way they use the innovative communication technology to form new inventions for entertainment, new avenues of business and facilitate research and development.

It is commendable the way the iGeneration has been able to develop new entertainment medium on the internet like e-books movies and TV program viewing on the internet, role playing and gamming through the internet (with other supporting technologies like the Xbox and Play Station). Similarly businesses like the online physicians, online counseling services as well as online shopping places allow the any individual in my generation to avail these resources for their use and build upon them for their own business venture. Increasingly education is being provided by Universities through online distance learning programs which enable an individual to gain academic and professional learning to support their objectives and goals to become what they want to be in their lives. The data banks and research databases on the internet are easily accessible by the iGeneration who uses them to now only increase their knowledge as well as develop their own concepts and innovations through them. Examples of such innovations include Napster, and facebook.

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