Sample Essay

As mentioned above the technology available for the telecommunication networks is changing continuously on a rapids scale. This has resulted in an increase in the threats that are faced by the networks in terms of their security and the various issues that they have to deal with pertaining to unauthorized access, maintenance of reliability, confidentiality and the integrity of the data. Therefore in order to cope with the changing environment surrounding the telecommunication network system, the security initiatives taken also need to be improved significantly. Some of the future trends that are observed in the changes pertaining to network security are described in this section.

            The threats to the security of a network can rise from within the networks as well as from external sources. The insider security threat to the networks in the future can be combated with taking security measures based on profiling, conducting shared data analysis and through the monitoring and analysis of the traffic patterns on the network (Lacey, 2008). The security technology of the future would be able to log, block as well as obstruct the usage of illegal services through and on the networks. Additionally the future trends also exit for usage of encryption between networks as ell as within the network using the end to end point strategy (Lacey, 2008).

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