Sample Essay

Autism is not a curable disease and therefore cannot be treated with medicine; instead the medicine prescribed can control the behavior of the patient and repress their anxious neurological activity. On the other hand natural and developmental therapies like behavior and speech therapies can enable the autistic child to overcome their autistic tendencies and develop skills that can help them maneuver around their lack of neurodevelopment.

In order for the treatment to be effective the treatment selection should be made after careful assessment of the patient and their autism level, and the best possible combination of treatments should be employed that can maximize the benefits for the patient. The proposed treatment techniques which can greatly benefit the autistic patients pertain to identifying the disorder early on and performing intervention at an early stage. Similarly the treatment approaches that can be taken pertain to behavioral treatment, speech therapy, removing toxins from the environment, employing a gluten free diet for the patients as well as providing natural therapies that use herbs and clay baths which serve as effective alternatives for medicines for children.

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