Sample Essay

The company has a competitive training and development program for their graduate recruits which attempts at building their career objectives and making them aspiring leaders in the industry. Ongoing training is an integral element at the company which focuses on educating and developing its personnel at every step.The career development and training programs that are established for recruits at the company include product and technical training,, development of the graduates for leadership position in the management, training of the people for professional skills and providing training on the specific firm wide initiatives pertaining to use of ethics and work place diversity. These training programs are on the job as well as cross divisional training programs. Mobility is encourages at the company with employees being placed at temporary cross regional and global placements in the different divisions of the company. This is to help the employees develop in terms of their skill and management styles. Rotations in the various departments are also encourages along with team based programs for short periods to encourage communication and diversity acceptance amongst the management of the company.

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