Sample Essay

The Clif Bar Inc. has about 250 employees that work in its business operations in theUnited States. The small scale of size of the company has been fundamental in operating in the organic and energy food market targeted at the fun, hip and sporty targeted market but in the long term it is not durable as the demand for the products is much higher that the supply provided by the company to its customers. The top down relationship in the company is mostly informal as the business operation are set up to be cooperative and fun to work at while being environmentally friendly as well, keeping in with the aims and the mission of the company. The culture at the company is very diverse yet oriented towards the goals and objectives of the company. The top down strategy in the company however is hierachial in nature and the flow of command as and authority flows down the hierarchy. As the business was initiated on a small scale by an entrapreneur the authority for main business decisions lies with him. However all the different functions of the business also are responsible for their specific planning, decision making, monitoring and strategy building for the specific functions. The overall decision making and strategy development, may it be for the production facility is conducted by Erickson along with the board of the company.

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