Sample Essay

The Time Warner Cable Company is one of the largest national television cable companies inAmerica. The company has been operational since 1989 and in the recent years has been facing substantial problems in terms of high number of complaints by consumers. “Customers are finding it hard to navigate an on-screen guide to programs and services developed in-house by U.S.-based Time Warner Cable Inc. Digital subscribers are complaining about the graphics and speed of operation of the new guide called Digital Navigator. There were also complaints about setup rebooting and pixilated pictures.” (Haugsted, 2004)

The complaint management system that is being used by the company operates provides complaint logging facility to the customers through the internet, telephone as well as the cable network. The company offers the customer service option as part of its packages to customers. The company customer services representatives call up the customer in order to inform them about their complaint having been resolved and also reach the customers by post, whereby a notice is sent about the nature of the problem and the date the problem has been resolved.

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