Sample Essay

The threats that are faced by the Walt Disney company pertain to the intense competition that the company is facing the industry in which the company operates as its broadcasting segment battles against video castes, CDs, cable and satellite television as well as DVDs. Moreover the companies with which Walt Disney is competing with relate to industry giants like CBS and Fox which are fathomable competition in the broadcasting industry. Additionally the company is also facing string competition in the resorts and parks segments by the local amusement parks in the US. Other threats that are faced by the company include piracy of programming which is uncontrollable due to the technological advances taking place and the regulatory risks the company faces for presenting its broadcasting focused towards children in the local as well as the non US markets. The opportunities that are present to the company pertain to establishing new attractions in its resorts and amusement parks, while building on the expansion plans of the cruise business that were highlighted in February 2007. Aside from this the company can also seek to internationalize its operations, by entering the international markets. Currently 25 percent of the revenues for the company come from outside US and Canada, however the company still has the opportunity to extensively expand its operations in Latin America, Europe and Asia

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