Sample Essay

The threats that are faced by the Rolex Company have increased significantly over the years as well. The recent recession in the financial and the capital markets has decreased the affordability of luxury items for many around the world. This has significantly decreased the demand for luxury watches in the market as the consumers in the market are unable to afford the high end luxury items like custom made Rolex Watches. Aside from the wide and expansive range of counterfeit Rolex products which are almost unidentifiable from the original watches is widespread throughout the watch markets world over. Additionally the digitized watches have also taken away some of the market share of the Rolex SA as even high end luxury watch manufactures are using digital technology in their product lines to appeal to the modern consumers.  

The opportunities that are available to the Rolex SA Company include niche marketing to the market segments in the watch market which propose high demand for the time pieces. This would reduce the costs associated with mass marketing while correspond with the current brand persona and image as well. Aside from this the company also has the opportunity to target the high end digital market for time pieces as well. This is because the high end digital time piece market is emerging with significant levels of demand. Other luxury watchmakers have also taken notice and are striving to target this market as well. “Luxury watch brands are competing amongst themselves for leadership in delivering the most innovative piece. Watch brands are taking advantage of new technologies such as robots and hi-tech coatings. New materials, such as titanium and ceramics, are also being used in watch designs. A notable trend is retailers asking fashion brands to design special watches exclusively for their stores.” (‘Global Watch Market Report: Focus on Luxury Watches’, 2009)

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