Sample Essay

As mention above the LED technology is relatively new, so much so that the manufacturers of the Led technology have very stringent protection guidelines and patents protecting their technology from the mass public.Therefore the threat of new and substitute products for the LED technology for lighting and for use in fixtures and fittings is relatively limited. Solar battery powered technology is one of the rivals or threats for the LED lighting technology, however as the implementation of the solar energy based lighting is expensive for mass industrial, household and commercial use, the LED technology for lighting is much better appreciated by consumers in the market.

The bargaining power of the buyers is also limited in the localAbu Dhabimarket for the LED lighting technology. This is because the ADWEA plays a major and vital role in providing electricity based services to the consumers in the region. As a result if a LED based technology for lighting is introduced by the organization inAbu Dhabifor car parks lighting initially, the consumers in the market would be having limited power as no other organization in the region is providing any similar service to the buyers in the market.

The rivalry between the existing competitors in the market for LED lighting industry is mediocre in the global markets, however forAbu Dhabithe competition in the LED lighting for industrial and commercial usage is almost non existent. This is because, as already mentioned the ADWEA is the only company providing the services of its king to the market and in face of no other competitors the rivalry amongst competitors would be non existent if the company provides LED based lighting for street lighting and parking areas.

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