Sample Essay

Specialization of labor has become common practice today and the establishment of authority is still employed, however the method of employment has changed. The discipline principle however is not relevant to the world of today due to the diverse operations, target market and the personnel. The unity of command is also not employed nowadays as it is seen more feasible to have different reporting relationship amongst the employees. The unity of duration is still employed and has been renamed as the vision of the company. The subordination of individual interests is out of style now, however if it were employed today, it would make the operations much more efficient. Remuneration in the organization previously was set by the management but nowadays it is determined by the market forces of supply and demand and other external factors like specialization, skill and goodwill and experience.


As the organizations nowadays have become diverse and multinational in nature the centralization discipline proposed by Fayol has become obsolete. The chain of superiors’ principles is also not relevant now as organization now employ flexible organization styles. The order in the organizations is still employed and the equity is converted into the concept of value. Personnel tenure principle is also not in use nowadays as the employees tend to stay with the organization on their own will and discretion. Tacking initiative however is encouraged in the organizations and businesses nowadays while the Esprit de corps principle is not in use. This is because the workforce for the organizations has become very diverse and the businesses as a result promote harmony and cohesion in their diverse employees. As a result the statement above does not hold true in extremes as some of the principles proposed by Henry Fayol have evolved, while others are encourage and certain few have become obsolete.

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