Sample Essay

The poem titled the Dream of the Rood is considered to be one of the earliest English literary poems about the religion of Christianity and the Christ himself. The proem seems to be apparently very dark as its tends to deal extensively and in detail with the crucifixion of the Jesus Christ and how the crucifixion actually aided Christianity in spreading far and wide into the world. Snell describes the poem as being profound in nature and providing a glimpse into the early Christian England. (Snell)

The main theme of the poem has been describes as that of a battle which is specially eloquent and apparent at the time of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The struggle on part of the Christ and the position he face faced with leading to his crucifixion portrays him in a positive light as being a hero and savior of the people, while in actually as history describes it, he was actually a very weak person physically who faced harshness at the hands of the Jews and the non believers. The strong imagery used by the author of the poem tends to portray the Christ in a very heroic light. Aside from this the context of the poem is very religion as its presentation and eloquence tends to be based on the many hymns that are present in the religion of Christianity.

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