Sample Essay

The rood is both a physical entity and a spiritual symbol, but these are not separated in the poem. Despite the fact that later Christianity divided and dichotomized the form the spirit, “The Dream of the Rood” unites the physical and the spiritual in such a way that the uniting, the resolution of the paradox, is determined through deep religious faith.”(Graybill)

The poem also builds upon the cross which stands as a symbol for crucifixion. The cross carries multiple meanings for Christian as it represents the crucifixion of the Jesus Christ as well as provides the extent to which Christianity has spread across the world. The four corners of the cross are depicted in the poem to be the warriors of the Jesus Christ at the time of the crucifixion which is depicted as a battle in the poem. The poem presents the ‘warriors’ were marred with the blood of Jesus Christ carrying with them the message of the religion of Christianity to the ‘four corners of the world.’

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