Sample Essay

The ProTerra on the other hand is a company that manufactures products that focus on energy efficiency and reduce the need for high voltage or high levels of energy consumption.The company produces products that can be replaced in the current fixtures and fittings of office spaces, industrial lightings as well as lightings for appliances. The company portrays its values through its products and the Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority can make use of the products provided by ProTerra to firmly employ the highlighted values of the organization into the services that it provides to the consumers in the region, while also being cost effective and efficient in terms of operation management. The business plan as depicted below provides how the Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority can make use of ProTerra products and services in an alliance based business to provide additional services to the consumers in the Emirates aimed at energy efficiency.

ProTerra, is in the business of manufacturing high efficiency, energy saving and mercury free “Green” LED light bulbs for new construction and for retrofitting currently installed fixtures in a wide array of lighting applications – street lights, high bay industrial and store lights, parking lights, security lights, office lights and much more. ProTerra’s focus is in manufacturing replacement LED retrofit bulbs for the current installed fixtures. There are other companies developing LED industrial and commercial lights but they are concentrating their efforts on producing completely new light fixtures, making it very expensive. Customers planning conversions to LED bulbs may save as much as $550 per bulb by using ProTerra’s products compared to purchasing completely new LED light fixtures. This represents enormous savings for large commercial, industrial and institutional retrofit projects.

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